Nicole (eriksonfifth) wrote,

A really long survey

I got this from Jeff. And I think Tasha had it once?

Bold what is true for you, and then add five more (italicized).

01. I have kissed someone of the same sex on the lips.
02. I see a therapist.
03. I'm the youngest child.
04. I am drawn to things associated with sadness.
05. I did love my gauged earrings.
06. I wear black eyeliner every day.
07. I am extremely influenced by kindness.
08. I love to write.
09. I can't live without lipgloss.
10. I'm probably emotionally scarred. (who isn't?)
11. I lived in Tahoe.
12. I spend money I have.
13. I'll be in college for over 4 years.
14. I love designer handbags.
15. I've had a concussion before. (well, i wasn't diagnosed by a dr., but my health teacher said it was...)
16. I'm not good with confrontation. (not with my dad, otherwise i am)
17. I loved the Backstreet Boys.
18. I have more than a couple of horrible memories. (good thing i can't remember them)
19. I'm addicted to Degrassi.
20. I've tried writing poetry
21. My first kiss was unexpected.
22. I'm not a fan of rap. (Well, mostly)
23. I love taking pictures.
24. I hate girls and boys who are fake.
25. I can be mean when I want to.
26. When I allow myself to get close to people, I get very attached.
27. I am bisexual Semi-true! I am an amoeba.
28. I have way too many pairs of shoes.
29. I was into Hot Wheels as a child.
30. I dress how I feel that day.
31. My room is painted a color other than white.
32. I cry very easily.
33. I'm always early.
34. I barely ever study for tests.
35. My birthday is my favorite holiday.
36. I have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
37. I am a morning person.
38. I wish I was smarter.
39. I believe that it is wrong to be gay.
40. I don't blame gay people for being gay.
41. No one really knows me.
42. I don't have many bad hair days.
43. I sometimes fight with my parents.
44. I am passionate about my interests.
45. I have had the chicken pox.
46. I'm a hopeless romantic.
47. I feel empty sometimes. (who doesn't?)
48. I am/was clinically depressed at a point in my life.
49. I am no longer depressed because of medication.
50. I am very outgoing.
51. Christmas/Chanukah is my favorite holiday.
52. I can be very insecure.
53. I don't notice it, but I'm told I'm very softspoken.
54. I hate ignorant people.
55. I love the color yellow.
56. I love guys/girls that play the guitar.
57. I state the obvious.
58. I'm a moody person.
59. I sometimes have a low self-confidence.
60. I've contemplated suicide.
61. I hate cleaning my room.
62. I tend to get jealous.
63. I like to play video games.
64. I love John Mayer.
65. I get more upset when I see an animal hurt than a person.
66. I'm a vegetarian/vegan/don't eat meat.
67. I've had a crush on a teacher before.
68. I am too forgiving. (usually)
70. I have a good sense of direction.
71. I'm happy with my life most of the time.
72. I've played a musical instrument for more than 5 years.
73. I can function perfectly well without a girlfriend/boyfriend. (and then some)
74. I love kisses on the forehead.
75. I love the color blue.
76. I don't sew.
77. I am not addicted to drugs.
78. I wear contacts.
79. I don't really care about politics.
80. I hate Bush, but I have reasons to justify it.
81. I don't take criticism well.
82. Conformity is stupid.
83. I love Colin Farrell.
84. Rockerska boys/chicks turn me on.
85. I love my family.
86. I don't mind getting shots.
87. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things.
88. I always wanted to learn to play the guitar.
89. I can be too hard on myself.
90. I don't believe that premarital sex is wrong.
91. I don't like my nose. (i love my nose!)
92. I am very religious.
93. I still act like a little kid...sometimes.
94. I am ridiculously indecisive.
95. I believe in a higher power or some form of an afterlife.
96. I love music.
97. I'm in love.
98. I have problems letting go of people.
99. Ashlee Simpson is awesome.
100. I don't really like ice cream.
101. I listened to Raffi as a child.
102. I am proud to be a woman.
103. I want to be loved.
104. I wish I could change the world.
105. I want my tongue pierced.
106. I have my bellybutton pierced.
107. I love thunderstorms.
108. I sell stuff on Ebay.
109. I watch award shows mainly to see what people are wearing.
110. I've been in a relationship for more than 2 years.
111. I'm obsessed with the O.C.
112. I love chinese food.
113. Laguna Beach is awesome.
114. Snow sucks, most of the time.
115. I love summer.
116. I have heard of FIRST robotics
117. I can play at least one song on more than 10 different instruments.
118. I can solve a Rubik's Cube.
119. I have never been skydiving.
120. I live in Connecticut.
121. I own more than the first 5 books in the Love Hina series.
122. I am ticklish EVERYWHERE.
123. I have at least 5 different incense burners.
124. I'd like to have/ have had/ will have a snake for a pet.
125. I have said swears more than 20 times in 5 minutes.
126. I am currently in a love triangle.
127. I wish I was more attractive to the people I actually am interested in with romantic connotations. (i wish i was more attractive in general) (I left Jeffy's comment because it still applies)
128. I freak people out frequently.
129. I have more than 2 cats.
130. I had trouble thinking up my five to add.
131. I think pie is cool.
132. Squirrels are one of my favorite animals.
133. I read at least one book a month.
134. I don't believe in true love.
135. I like to draw.
136. I have a vicious sweet tooth.
137. I love coffee.
138. The majority of my CDs are burned.
139. I am loyal to Nintendo.
140. I am an atheist/agnostic.
141. I think if rabbits took over, the world would be a better place.
142. I love having cereal as a snack.
143. I miss summer.
144. I suck at playing pool.
145. I.. am.. Canadian. :)
146. I sing often enough for my life to be considered a musical.
147. I partake in nerdy activities and I am beyond the point of caring.
148. I can listen to a song 50 times in a row and not be tired of it.
149. I've used the word "lubricious" in a sentence.
150. I am planning at least 5 different get togethers for the future in Las Vegas.
151. I enjoy school.
152. I genuinely care about politics--local, national, and international--and have at least one political hero.
153. The idea of progress is one of the few things in which I have absolute faith.
154. I don't have any particular loyalty to anime or manga as media, although that doesn't mean that I inherently dislike anime or manga.
155. I like debating.
156. I'm happy I no longer have to type the tags for "bold" and "unbold."
157. Using capitals and periods is freaking me out.
158. I have been more than one person in my life.
159. I'm extremely critical.
160. I try. (I love this one, Jifufu!)
161. I have seen at least two entire seasons of Daria.
162. I have read and loved Watership Down.
163. I have fingerpainted in the last six months.
164. I love my nose.
165. I know the value of the pixel.
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