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Stolen from Tasha, it's the second annual "why I love my online friends" rave.

Six Reasons Why You Rock, in Alphabetical Order
(seems it's that time of year again; thanks Tasha)

Mind this applies to online friends only. The rest of you already know XP It was so hard to think of just six. If I forgot anyone, uh, sorry. It was an accident. XD It's not under a cut. Because I don't want it to be.

Because you make me feel like I've seen an anime a dozen times when I've never seen it at all, and I don't hate you for it.
Because you're a Taym fangirl.
Because you make me feel useful.
Because you sang me the ENTIRE pokemon rap once. Without pausing.
Because no matter how bad someone feels you have something to say that helps.
Because that picture you took of you looking at your hands in dismay makes me laugh every single time.

Because you always have something funny to say, no matter what the situation is.
Because you use Comic Sans but it doesn't irritate me, because it fits you so well.
Because you write about Donnie Darko for class.
Because you bought Tori a vibrator and a book about why boys don't like her and didn't think she'd be offended.
Because you made my sim teh_hawt.
Because you never tell Melody she can't call you, but she never seems to get to.

Because you're so smart it makes me sick.
Because you seem like the sort of person I'd gravitate to offline.
Because you know the value of gre/ay.
Because you know what the best line of the Grinch song is.
Because you can go entirely silent for hours at a time, only to return with some comment that fits seamlessly into the conversation.
Because your screenname is cute.

Because you're one of the only people I know that I can talk to about food (for a half hour solid!) and not feel stupid.
Because you play Furc.
Because we both play Call of Cthulhu the same way.
Because you're Canadian.
Because you automatically spell it leafs.
Because you're as much of a grammar nazi as me and Taz, but catch less flak for it.

Because you have no shame.
Because you're the only person I can argue about men with.
Because you're a cam whore.
Because when you left I realized just how much talking to you really meant to me.
Because you don't sound Comic Sans enough on the phone.
Because you remind me of one of my favourite people offline to a startling degree. Only gay. XD

I haven't known you long, but you just make me laugh constantly.
Because you're the James to my Jesse.
Because you gave up trying to get Brian to stop calling you Jam, and gave up with grace.
Because you wanted a top hat.
Because you asked to be my neofriend. I don't know why, but I found this charming.
Because you seem like one of the people I'd have known through high school and cried over at graduation because I was leaving them.

Because whenever I think of Canada I think automatically of you.
Because After School Orgiies is awesome.
Because you've been my artistic idol for as long as I can remember; because you were one of the original two people who inspired me to start drawing on the computer. Yes, way back when, that was you.
Because you and Shawn are terribly cute.
Because you like bunnies.
Because you keep the best quotes ever.

Because I haven't known you long, but I like you instinctively and without prejudice.
Because you have a job you like, and, like Tasha, I find hope in this.
Because you don't take criticism gracefully, but feel, apparently, no shame in it: this is a trait everyone should learn.
Because you are the brunt so often of hypocrites, but continue to do what you do, knowing that their opinion has no bearing on your life.
Because you are confident, something I am not.
Because I like the layout of your profile, so don't ever change it.

Because I miss you.
Because you're my girly-girl counterpart; the Bizarro me.
Because you know when to be smart and when to be silly: a difficult balance to achieve, and one that you do, flawlessly.
Because you are, quite simply, a goddess among mortals.
Because you once had a conversation about wrapping me in tarp and twine and making me eat biscuits.
Because you sang to me on the phone once.

Because I thought of sooo many things to put here I almost cried trying to narrow it down.
Because you're the only Furc person I trust to RP with any more.
Because your art makes me want to weep.
Because you ate sushi with me.
Because we both agree that Saldaeans rock.
Because I can use the term "scarier than a Beholder to a level three party" with you and you'll get it.

Because you have a character that's ridiculously fun to draw.
Because your pencil-lineart is God's gift to OC colorists.
Because you can make a conversation about Harry Potter ficdom pairings seem intellectual, and this gives me hope.
Because you have the best away message in the history of away messages.
Because you RP like a mothafucka and it makes me jealous.
Because you put up with my rambling more than anyone else I know.

Because I thought up ten reasons right off the bat and had to narrow down the list.
Because you're the world's greatest grammar nazi.
Because you have the best accent--ever.
Because you make me feel really stupid and Philistine, but I love you for it, because it makes me go out and read things.
Because you have the greatest music ever, the most obscure music ever, and you're never reluctant to share it.
Because you can have a deep and intellectual discussion about Kant's philosophies one second, only to counter that with a link to a picture of a kitten and a prolonged "AWWWWWWWWW!"
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