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Tonight I sat outside of MEC Supply for a half hour waiting for John to get out of Anger Management. I was getting pissed by the end of it, since he was about forty-five minutes late, though somewhat comforted by the Pokemon TCG GB game (yay) and a really awesome mix CD Krista made for me a long while back (even yay-er).
This is why I love my brother:
When he got back out to the car, I asked him what had taken so long, knowing full well it wasn't his fault (he would have left as soon as he got there if he could have gotten away with it, and I knew it). He told me that there were two new people in class, one who talked for half an hour and one who talked for fifteen minutes.
"What did they talk about?" I asked.
"Bullshit about who they were and why they had problems. I talked for three minutes my first day."
"What did you do?"
"Well, when it got around to my turn I snatched up my workbook and said, 'I'ma show you rookies how it's done. And I got done in two minutes.'" He grinned at that part--I think he got applause for it. And then he said: "I was so pissed. But I figure Anger Management class isn't a good time to get angry."


Pheep and Allie have introduced me to Jason Mraz and as much as I hate to admit it, I really like his stuff. Who Needs Shelter is fast becoming one of my favourite songs. It's got everything, man. Even a Santana-esque guitar solo in the middle, how hot is that?

I reread Watership Down this morning. I have come to the conclusion that Watership Down is one of the most fascinating books ever written. I have reread it about ten thousand times (okay, maybe just around thirty) and I still haven't gotten tired of it. Also I want to compile a book of rabbit fables, and I want to illustrate scenes from the book when I am worthy.
Like the scene where Bigwig guts the cat. That was so badass.

Anyway. Talked to Grant for about ten seconds today, that was nice. I miss him. He was my Big Dumb Face person <3

Who wants to make me a new Sirius/Lupin icon and feed my pervy werewolf/convict fancying mood?

I typed that as convinct. I think I want to become a nun.
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