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Today the people who bought the houses and the apartment came and put a padlock on Angelique's door even though she hasn't moved out yet. Pat pretended he didn't know what was going on.


In happier news I think I scored a pair of tris on Furc (hey, taking commissions, any takers lemme know) and finished my Christmas Card for the chatty swap, so I'll be mailing that tomorrow. It's one of my favourite things I ever made so I hope the person who gets it will find some way to scan it for me--if they don't have a scanner--I can't say because that might help give it away! o____o! Or maybe because I don't know. Maybe >>;

I had to duck out of Krista's movie-thing the other day, which sucked, because I wanted to watch Mulan with her :( So here's hoping we'll be able to do that soon. Or else watch ALL THREE extended versions of LotR in a row. My bladder is already protesting.

I decided to come up with a rough estimate today, and I think I have watched Prisoner of Azkaban at least thirty times by now. Some of them didn't count because it was just playing in the background, I SWEAR.

Also, this morning while Nanny watched her redneck court shows I read a book that Stephen King published under a pen name (Richard Bachman). It was called Rage, and it was surprisingly good. It was that demi-stream-of-consciousness fiction a la Kiss Me, Judas and The Fuck-Up (okay, not so much The Fuck-Up) and Perks of Being a Wallflower that I love, only considerably more frightening. I'm not a King fan but if you can get your hands on, I'd suggest it.
I remember discussing Stream of Consciousness writing with my old English teacher once. She gave me a copy of Ordinary People and to this day I detest that book. You win some, etc.

Wistful note: I miss the pretty guy down at the Circle K with the shaky speed-addict hands who always cracked jokes to customers and was polite and counted your change twice and said please and thank you. The guys who work down there right now are total pothead assholes and gave me a nasty look when I actually took a penny out of the "take a penny/leave a penny" tray. I'm sorry, but they're there for a reason and I didn't want 99 cents in change.

I finally found a copy of the first edition of the Changeling: the Dreaming RPG handbook. Unfortunately it's in Nashville and by the time I can get there it will probably be gone, so I'll likely end up hitting up Amazon or eBay or something around my birthday. The kithbooks are way out of my price range--twenty bucks for the cheapest (Redcaps) used and eighty for the priciest (Eshu), also used. So I'll have to do without.

Despite the nature of this entry I am actually in a very good mood. I just laughed for about a half-hour over the conduct of a pompous AIM "developer" on Furcadia who thought to try and intimidate me with technical jargon and the insinuation that he could hack his way around anything any site could throw at him. Dumbass. He made me giggle, except for when he snottily got around to the topic of Photoshop and seemed to be dissing on pixel art, and then I got pissed. But then he got arrogant again and I giggled some more.

Okay, I'm done, bedtime now.
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